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Afbbout Nefertiti Beauty Academy

The centre is owned and run by Jessica Vella who is a qualified ITEC therapist and qualified ITEC tutor. She has been in the beauty industry since a very young age, that of 17 years old.  Since then she opened her own beauty salon, Kallidora Health & Beauty Salon in Rabat.  Most of the courses are given by herself and they are backed by the experience she holds.

At Nefertiti Beauty Academy we pride ourselves in having small class sizes with a maximum of 10 students per class so you will always experience high quality learning with emphasis on one-on-one instruction. For this reason the premises were purposely chosen so that the feeling of being in a “school” is avoided and the student feels more at home in a small and friendly environment.

Nefertiti Beauty Academy was founded in 1996 and since then has continued to grow and offer new courses which are continuously being updated.

The school’s mission is to provide students with the latest knowledge and techniques demanded by this fast growing industry. We train students to be individuals and to achieve their highest possible goals.

The school is situated in Poala and if you pass in front of the prison and head for Fgura towards Gallaria, you will find us on the main road. The school is fully equipped with all requirements as stipulated by The International Therapy Examination Council and The Malta Education Board.

A beauty/complimentary  therapist is always in demand and the beauty/massage  profession is a big business, continuing to grow daily. The courses prepare you to be able to work in spas, salons, clinics and health club settings as well as in a private practice. Our tutors are working professionals that bring their experience from these settings into the teaching. At Nefertiti Beauty Academy we make it our business to update ourselves to be able to offer courses which are newly developed and in demand, allowing us to make sure our students meet and exceed industry standards.

All of the services offered to students are lifelong, whether you need help tomorrow or five years from now, we’re here to help you succeed.


Nefertiti Beauty Academy
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